Infusion Suite

Recover. Revive. Rejuvenate.


WELLNESS Infusions

VITAMIN C: Support your natural immune response and stop that cold before it starts
B-12 THERAPY: Improve your mood, concentrate better, and feel more entergetic
GLUTHATHIONE: A great detoxifier, used to treat a wide variety of diseases and boost immunity
MULTI-TRACE: Contains a mix of vitamins and minerals to boost overall health and well-being

Can Customize*


*Please call our clinic to inquire. 

HEALTH Infusions

Factor Replacement Therapy
Biologic Therapy (Rituxan, Remicade, Tysabri, Entyvio)
Intravenous Antibiotics & Diuretics
IV Iron Therapy
IVIG Therapy
Reclast & Prolia Osteoporosis Therapy
Nutritional support
IV Hydration
Therapeutic Phlebotomy*
Central Line Care


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Ask how we can create an infusion customized JUST FOR YOU!

Patient Care

Our highly-trained infusion nurses will help you coordinate all aspects of care. With flexible scheduling and immediate availability you’ll love our convenient historic downtown Roosevelt Row location.

Patient Comfort

We provide comfortable amenities in spa-like environment including recliner chairs, snacks, coffee machine, magazines and wireless internet access to ensure a relaxing experience.