Danielle Nance


Danielle Nance, MD

Danielle Nance, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine and Adult Hematology and is broadly trained in malignant and benign hematology. Her dream since 2001, when she entered medical school, was to become a care provider to individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders. Her dream became reality when she was awarded a Fellowship in Hemostasis and Thrombosis, and completed an additional 2 years of training in hemophilia, bleeding, and clotting disorders care to understand better the unique needs of the bleeding disorder patient. Men and women with Hemophilia, Von Willebrand Disease, a platelet function disorder, or a rare bleeding disorder will immediately feel at home in her care at the ABDC Health and Wellness Center. She recognizes that women and girls have additional challenges during the reproductive years, and works in partnership with her colleagues in Obstetrics and Gynecology to optimally manage health needs during the child-bearing years.

Dr. Nance knows that more answers are needed when it comes to bleeding disorders, and that research is the way to get those answers. She has participated in research projects for hemophilia, rare bleeding disorders, platelet function disorders, and aplastic anemia. She is currently working with the Factor VII deficient bleeding disorder group to get genotyping performed for patients living in the US.

Dr. Nance is solution driven. She recognizes that bleeding and clotting disorders can affect every aspect of a person’s health, and frequently, the entire family. She says, “Each person has unique needs, and sometimes the needs don’t fit the standard recommendations. We will work with each person until symptoms are under good control and to find a treatment plan that works for the individual.” She is a natural fit at the Health and Wellness Center, where the patient is at the center of the team. The Center can help coordinate any services that might be needed, including wellness vaccines or treatment plans to prepare for orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Nance knows the hardships that families face. She and her son have severe hemophilia so she has experienced first hand the challenges in living with a bleeding disorder.  In addition to providing medical care to patients and families since 2011, Dr. Nance has volunteered in the Bleeding Disorders community for 20 years with local and national work with the National Hemophilia Foundation. She has also worked as a patient advocate on the Board of Directors at Patient Services Inc. (Board Member since 2005), and regularly goes to Washington to speak with legislators to protect access to care. Her favorite job as a doctor, though, has been the camp medic at Camp Valor, hemophilia camp, Utah.

Patient Testimonials

UofU Patient – February 23, 2016
“ Dr. Nance remembered things we had discussed last time. She was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. We both enjoyed discussing the progress I had made since my first visit.”

UofU Patient - February 20, 2016 
“Dr Nance is the best. She found my low iron when other doctors didn’t test to find it. She listen and understands. She takes the time to explain and make sure she hasn’t missed anything. What can I say but she is the best doctor I have ever visited with! Highly recommend!” 

UofU Patient - February 12, 2016
“Dr. Nance was very kind, calm, and caring. She explained reasons for testing and allowed me to ask questions so I understood the plan. I could tell she genuinely cares about my well-being and wants to keep me as healthy as possible. Her attitude towards my health motivates me to take better care of myself.”

UofU Patient - January 19, 2016
“Dr. Nance is a wonderful doctor who is always willing to explain things in terms I can understand. she is the BEST doctor!!!”

UofU Patient - January 08, 2016
“Dr. Nance always take time. I never feel rushed about asking questions.”

UofU Patient - December 08, 2015
“Thoughtful and kind doctor.”

UofU Patient  - December 08, 2015
“Dr. Nance was interested in my symptoms and spent a great deal of time listening to all of my concerns. I trust her completely with my care.”

UofU Patient - November 28, 2015
“Very good doesn’t even begin to describe the care that I receive from Dr. Nance. This woman has quite literally given me the best medical care that I have gotten in my entire life.”

UofU Patient - November 28, 2015
Dr. Nance is the BEST!! She has always eased my fears, laughed at my stupid jokes and makes me feel I’m in the most competent hands in the world. Dr. Nance is a very valuable asset to your clinic.

UofU Patient - November 24, 2015
“The care giver explained my situation in clear and understandable language I understood.”

UofU Patient November 23, 2015
“Dr. Nance is very considerate, explains procedures and nice provider.”

UofU Patient - November 16, 2015
“Dr. Nance had a buy schedule but she never made my feel like she was too busy to listen.”

UofU Patient - November 11, 2015
“Dr. Nance has been very helpful, especially in helping me understand the issues surrounding CLL. She went out of her way to help me understand and then help me find a Dr. with even more experience with this disease than she has (I didn’t think that was possible, Dr. Nance is very knowledgeable).”

UofU Patient - October 14, 2015
“Wonderful experience!”

UofU Patient September 21, 2015
“She did an excellent job in taking time to explain things to me and probably spent more time than she should have but it was appreciated.”

UofU Patient August 25, 2015
“Dr. Nance always makes me feel comfortable whenever I visit. She is very thorough in her examination as well as very friendly. Dr. Nance is an asset to your organization.”

UofU Patient - August 22, 2015
“Dr Nance is the best. Wish I could go to her all the time not for just my blood issues. She seems to care about me as a person and that means so much. She listened and understood. One of the best doctors I have ever went to!!!!”

UofU Patient - August 15, 2015
“Dr. Nance is so thorough and listens so well and addressed all my concerns.”

UofU Patient - July 12, 2015
“I never felt rushed with Dr. Nance. Good explanations”

UofU Patient - July 08, 2015
“Dr. Nance was phenomenal. She gave me dedicated time and attention during the visit explaining thoroughly the various facets of my condition. She also called me personally on a Saturday evening to discuss test results and next steps.”

UofU Patient - July 05, 2015
“Dr. Nance has always made me feel at ease and confident in the care she provides. She is well informed and never talks down to me. Dr. Nance has saved my life and I thank God every day for her healing touch. I will continue to recommend this wonderful doctor to anyone needing her assistance.”

UofU Patient - June 14, 2015
“Dr Nance was very understanding and spent the time i needed to understand my issues.”

UofU Patient - June 11, 2015
“I really like Dr. Nance. She seemed genuinely concerned about my issues and she assured me that she was going to get me the help that I need. So far she has followed through on that.”

UofU Patient - May 30, 2015
“Dr. Nance has always made me feel that she is not hurried, has time to hear me, is very interested in my condition, and spends extra time with me in spite of her busy schedule. She has been a wonderful Care Provider to me.”

UofU Patient - May 15, 2015
“Dr. Nance has saved my life. I highly recommend her to anyone needing the very best. Dr. Nance is very compassionate.”

UofU Patient - May 10, 2015
“Really impressed with her and my first visit to see her.”

UofU Patient - May 04, 2015
“Probably one of the best experiences I have had with a Doctor. Dr. Nance was extremely helpful in her explanation of my issues. Thanks for the help.”

UofU Patient - April 07, 2015
“Dr. Nance is always compassionate and has my utmost respect. She is an asset to your organization. I owe her my life.”

UofU Patient - March 29, 2015
“Could not have had a better visit makes me want to return to this facility again.”

UofU Patient - March 08, 2015
“It was my first visit with Dr. Nance and I was very happy with the visit and her.”

UofU Patient March 06, 2015
“Dr Nance has been a “perfect Care Provider”. She does not give the impression that she is too busy to spend time with her patient. She listens, she is interested, she explains the options and her concerns. She is easy to talk to and yet she is the true “professional”. I feel very grateful that she is the one who is responsible for my medical care.”

UofU Patient - February 17, 2015
“Dr. Nance has always explained my care options in a manner which I fully understand. Dr. Nance never seems to be in a hurry and listens to me attentively. Dr. Nance is the person I owe my life to and I am forever grateful for her wonderful care.”

UofU Patient - February 17, 2015
“Dr. Nance and her nurse were awesome! The time Dr. Nance spent with me was perfect. HCI does a fantastic job with health care! :)”

UofU Patient - January 28, 2015
“This was the first time I met with the care provider. She took extra time to talk with me about my problem. I knew the office was very busy that day but she did not act hurried and talked with me and showed me items on the computer that relate to my problem. I was very grateful for the time she took and very impressed with her personal interest in my health.”

UofU Patient - January 20, 2015
“Dr. Nance has always given me the feeling of being with an old friend. She listens to my concerns, laughs at my corny jokes and always puts things in terms I can understand. Dr. Nance never seems too busy to provide the BEST care possible. What a great asset to your clinical staff.”

UofU Patient - December 22, 2014
“Dr. Nance was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel comfortable and I felt like everything was going to be fine.”

UofU Patient - December 22, 2014
Dr. Nance is very friendly and makes you comfortable. Highly recommend!

UofU Patient - December 16, 2014
“Dr. Nance saved my life and I am grateful to her. I would highly recommend Dr. Nance to anyone needing a conscientious, caring doctor. Dr. Nance is a valuable asset to your staff.”

UofU Patient - November 25, 2014
“Dr. Nance has always been excellent to work with and that is why I have the greatest respect for her because she is down to earth and easy to understand. She is a great asset to your staff and clinic. Thanks to Dr. Nance I was able to celebrate another birthday!”

UofU Patient - November 15, 2014
“Dr. Nance is very thorough and listens well and strives to take care of all concerns and needs.”

UofU Patient - October 11, 2014
“Dr. Nance listens and cares and understands my concerns even though I may not explain them proficiently.”